American University of Antigua (AUA)

Country: Antigua and Barbuda

About American School of Antigua (AUA):

American School of Antigua (AUA) is a Higher education of Medicine. It is contributed to offering the best medical universities in the Caribbean knowledge that meets the highest requirements of educational quality.

The university offers the students the educational resources that will encourage them to become sympathetic doctors, long term learners and meet with the global shortage of medical care providers.

AUA College of Medicine is dedicated to meeting the medical care needs of different areas in the United States and worldwide. The university considers that to make an environment of educational quality, it must ensure a different student population that features the skills, knowledge and varied social experiences of all peoples.

AUA college of Medicine’s MD program was provided a two-year provisional qualification by the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Medicine and Other Health Professions (CAAM-HP). CAAM-HP recognized in 2003 and is the lawfully constituted body to accredit medical, oral, veterinary, and other health professions resulting in professional degrees required to exercise in the Caribbean Group (CARICOM).

CAAM-HP established in 2003 and is the legally constituted body established to accredit medical, dental, veterinary, and other health professions programs leading to professional degrees required for practice in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) member states.

The viewing group commends AUA for:

  • The quality, passion, variety of its learners and their performance on USMLE evaluation,
  • Its physical features and academic resources,
  • The highly inspired and devoted staff and management.

Student Organization in AUA:
The goal of the SGA is to market self-reformation, to handle student issues united with the college administration, to keep up sensible relations with the island and therefore the Government of Anguilla, similarly organize recreational activities. Each semester, the student vote for a president, vice chairman, secretary and financial officer. The SGA sponsors student events just like the welcome party for the new students and health related programs to the island community. The officers meet often with the school of medicine administration to debate any student considerations and problems.

The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) is a nationwide student-governed body that is dedicated to comprising the issues of physicians-in-training and enhancing healthcare exercising and the country’s health

The Catholic Medical Student Association (CMSA) is an association interested in developing medical education and learning, trust and ethics

The Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) shows and combines learners with an interest in seeking urgent medicine or stress surgery as a specialist.

Housing Facilities in AUA:
A variety of relaxed, equipped, climate-controlled with internet features are available for AUA learners.

The students are asked to stay in the university housing facilities when they begin their studies in Antigua. The housing units contain all the facilities that a student needs. Prices may vary according to the amenities. It also depends on the comfortable and budget of the student.

Housing accessibility is on a first-deposited and first-served foundation.
All non-transfer learners in AUA are needed to reside in one of these houses for their first term in Antigua.

AUA agreements with bus service to provide transport facilities between hostels and university’s campus. Learners choosing to take benefit of this system pay:

  • $450 for students in a two-semester/academic year
  • $300 for students in a three-semester/calendar-year
  • 10-trip goes price $20

Financial Aid by AUA:
The AUA is satisfied to declare the option of the International Medical Education Private Loan Program (I-MED) to certified 1st term Basic Sciences learners. Students Learners will be able to implement to the I-MED system as of the middle of the weeks of November each year.

This loan system is provided by the Bank of Lake Mills. Learners may select to discover all prospective funding choices available to them before applying.

To explore this loan system, please contact Student Financial Services.

With the purpose of motivating deserving learners AUACOM and KMCIC have recognized an endowment of a number of complete and partially grants to certified learners for each semester. They are depending on the educational quality, public interest and voluntary service of our candidates.


  • All candidates will be advised of the following procedures:
    A separate application is required for each grant describing their educational success and difficulties, community service and professional success.
  • Physician’s Diversification Initiative Grant requires an article of no more than 500 words and must be combined with assisting records such as transcripts, recommendations, accreditation, prizes and proof of qualifications, if necessary needed.
  • All completed applications with supporting certification must be posted to the SC at least 8 several weeks before the start of the term.
    SC satisfies at least twice a trimester/semester for evaluation and assess all programs.
  • SC will inform all prizes, both in composing and via phone within 2 several weeks of the SC’s choice.
  • There is no guarantee of a grant or the number of grant awards in any semester.
  • Quantum and duration of the scholarship, a variety of prizes and specifications for any scholarship programs are topic to change without prior notice
  • All choices of SC are final and are not starting to appeal
  • All awards will cover just the educational tuition fees
    AUACOM, AICASA and KMCIC support students to source outside financing and grants as well.
  • Questions regarding the grant programs, application, etc. must be instructed by the admission Department

Leisure Activities in AUA:
Games are planned every Fun. Competitions occur periodically; please consult with planners on the isle.

Devoted legal courts are available for pick-up games. Contests occur periodically; please consult with planners on the isle.

Games are planned every Saturday and night.

Flag Football:
Games are planned every Weekend evening.

Faculty and local golf benefits lead educational treatment centers for both beginner players and innovative fans.

Travel Info:
To get into Antigua, it is necessary to have a round-trip ticket. If you create earlier your airline bookings, the less costly your tickets will be. Learners can guide open-ended passes for an extra cost, which will offer versatility for your come back.

The providers with the most frequent service to Antigua are American Airlines, U.S. Airways, and Continental Airlines. American Airlines flights will land in Miami and San Juan

If you don’t have a travel agent, the student may consult with Tanuja Kulkarni.


Is the MCAT needed at AUA?
American University of Antigua considers there is no connection between MCAT ratings and becoming a certified, effective and caring doctor. In order to conform to government rules, starting in Feb 2013, MCAT ratings will be needed for recognizing learners.

Does AUA take transfers from other Caribbean healthcare schools?
AUA now recognizes Transfer Students into the clinical semesters.

Does AUA provide a premedical program?
Through the American International College of Arts and Sciences, Antigua (AICASA), certified learners are able to meet up with premedical specifications and generate an Affiliate Level in Health Sciences. Upon effective realization the premed system, learners will be certified to apply to the AUA Higher Education of Medicine’s MD program

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American University of Antigua (AUA)
Country: Antigua & Barbuda

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