St Matthews University School of Medicine

Country: Cayman Islands

About St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine:

St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine focuses on the success of our students, providing quality education in Medical Courses. Our faculty and staff are as committed to your dreams. We have small size classrooms so you can receive personalized attention.

Since 1997, more than 15 numbers of learners have acquired their MD and DVM levels from St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine. Our students gained permanent licensure in 40 U.S., North America, and other nations. St. Matthew’s School of Medicine is situated on the wonderful and safe Caribbean island. The island offers highly developed facilities, such as two medical centers, thousands of dining places, and a tourist industry.

Accreditation of St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine:

The Government of Grand Cayman completely recognized the St Matthew’s University’s School of Medicine. The program of St Matthew’s University is the Accrediting Commission on Colleges of Medicine (ACCM). The United States Department of Education recognizes the ACCM. In 2007, the ACCM provided St. Matthew’s University accreditation for six years, which is the lengthiest qualification interval available under their method.

The World Health Organization lists St. Matthew’s University’s School of Medicine in the latest book of the list of Medical Universities in Caribbean.

The FAIMER International Medical Education Directory (IMED) of the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) lists St Matthew’s University’s School of Medicine in its approved medical schools

St. Matthew’s University’s School of Medicine is a member of the International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE).

Approved by the State of New York for all clinical programs and licensing. Visit the New York State Education Department Office of Profession’s website at to view the record of accepted educational institutions. The university is also licensed by the Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education.

Housing facilities in St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine:

Students live in housings with internet connection, swimming pools, and quick access to Seven Mile Beach.

Financial Aid by St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine:

American Student Loans

United States Learners who are enthusiastic about loan choices, if available, should get in touch with St. Matthew’s University’s School of Medicine Office of Financial Aid.

Canada Student Loans

There are several loan possibilities for Canada learners who are approved to research at St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine. Canada learners may implement for financial loans through their provincial Ministry of Training. St. Matthew’s University’s school of Medicine code for applying is NUBQ. The Canada government provides loan details and entry to the National Student Loan Centre through their website.

These loans are available from both the Royal Bank of Canada and the National Bank of Canada. Both organizations recognize a history of credit applications from Canadian students. Each program offers specific conditions as well as pre limits. These are credit based, and a co-signer may be necessary. To implement for a credit centered loan from Royal Bank of Canada or any other bank, Canadian students must go to any branch office with their recognition letter.


Each term has an excellent inbound college student at St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine may earn an academic grant from the school. This grant is for $2,000 per semester for the Basic Science semesters, making the grant package worth $10,000.

St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine is extremely pleased to offer the educational grant. We provide the students who have guaranteed in the desire of a health care level. It is our way of fulfilling quality and motivating individuals to engage in a health care level.

1. At enough time of the program, applicants must:
2. Have finished an undergraduate degree
3. Finished training with a large focus on the hard sciences
4. Gained an overall GPA not reduced than 3.3
5. Sign up inquiring the consideration of the Scholarship or grant Panel. To view the program, please click here. The scholarship recipients must meet the following criteria to retain the scholarship for successive Basic Science semesters:
6. Stay in the top 20% of his/her class
Cayman Islands Scholarship

Grant is offered to certified Caymanian people each season. This is granted to a certified candidate who satisfies all the entrance requirements. The student is a present citizen of the Cayman Destinations and is dedicated to providing medical care for the country of the Cayman Destinations. Candidates must publish a Letter of Request to the Scholarship Review Board describing the desire for consideration. Proof of present Caymanian residence required.

Jha Family Scholarship

The Jha Family Scholarship is given to part of the Jha Family. The Jha Family considers in the concept of authority and its benefit to this sort of profession. The $3,000 scholarship per season is granted to new learners who meet the requirements below. St. Matthew’s University is proud to offer this grant to learners who display exceptional authority skills in the healthcare industry. It is our way of rewarding authority while encouraging individuals to engage in a healthcare degree.

Travel Info:

The Cayman Islands Immigration Department wants learners and all guests to experience a structured and effective handling through traditions. Expert immigration law and traditions service employees will help you with all immigration law needs.

In order to facilitate all accepted students, they are asked to complete and sign a set of original forms and submit them to the St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine Office. The set of forms is required for the Cayman Immigration and not to St. Matthew’s University. You are also advised to keep a copy of your records.

Medical information is also vital. These Islands need an original copy of all lab results with official signatures from your physician. To complete your immigration packet, St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine will add a cover letter and admissions letter. The deadline for immigration documents is four weeks subsequent to your acceptance.

Once all paperwork is received and your file is completed, you will get a visa when you arrive and no additional action is necessary. For specific questions regarding entry into the Cayman Islands contact the Cayman Islands Department of Immigration.

Leisure Activities in St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine:

  • Dive In
  • Horse Riding
  • A Bite to Eat
  • Arts and Culture Scene
  • Community Spirit


What is the USMLE complete rate?
USMLE pass marks are balanced with students from U.S and slight higher the average level for other resident Schools.

What happens if I fall short of a course?
The unsuccessful course must be retaken in the next semester. Such actions may decrease the achievement of Basic Science of a full semester. 21 failed course attributes results in educational termination.

How many students are seated in each class?
The size of classes at St. Matthew’s University is limited to a highest possible of 90 learners. Our small sized classroom provides our learners with an unmatched level of staff assistance.

Is there a program deadline?
We do not have program work deadlines. We have a moving acceptance procedure with three new sessions developing each season. Semesters start in Sept, Jan, and May. If a program is obtained after the category has been closed, the program is instantly analyzed for the next available term.

To Contact St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine

Adriana Marin-Negron, Director of Admissions
Jennifer Small, Immigration Clerk
Kristan Caisse, Admissions/Alumni Coordinator

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