St George’s University

Country: Grenada

About St George’s University:

St George’s University established as a separate School of Medicine in 1976. St George’s University has progressed into a center of worldwide knowledge, illustrating learners and staff from 140 nations to the isle of Grenada, in the Western Indies. Students at St George’s University enjoy the benefits of a successful modern atmosphere on the True Blue campus of the university, providing all the services and technologically-advanced features of a world-class organization. The St George’s University have students of over 12,000 in various disciplines.


  1. St George’s University is accredited by the Government of Grenada
  2. St George’s University is recognized by the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and the Health Professions – CAAM-HP (The UK Government identifies CAAM as the official accreditation authority for New and Creating Healthcare Educational institutions in the British Overseas Territories in the Caribbean.)
  3. Permitted by the New York State Education Department (NYSED for the objective of performing scientific exercising applications in the State of New York.
  4. Listed in the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners and the State of New Jersey for the objective of performing scientific training applications in the State of New Jersey.
  5. Recognized by the Medical Board of California
  6. Approved by the Florida Commission for Independent Education

Housing Facilities in St George’s University:

All new medical learners are going to have a List of Medical Universities in Caribbean and are required to stay on the school campus for the first term and have the choice to agree with University housing for the following terms. For all new coming learners, it is very important to complete, sign the housing forms and submitted to the University. As soon as the student submitted the form they have to make a deposit. The university Housing form is a contract subject to the University’s Housing Termination Policy.
Partner demands will be recognized but must be posted by both learners in composing as soon as rooms and roommates will be allocated. So it should be informed roughly one month prior to your appearance to university. Students will be informed via SGU e-mail.

Financial Aid by St George’s University:

St. George’s University is committed to creating a quality education that is accessible to the best and smartest learners from all over the world. To be able to deliver this promise, SGU has been granted over 5 million dollars to more than 5,000 learners over the years. In addition, we are constantly seeking out new possibilities, developing interaction with organizations and government authorities all over the world. Finding the best loan possibilities to ensure our learners can engage in the financial aid and learning with few financial hurdles.

Economic Services Division provides the educational funding programs available to St. George’s University students, helps with financial planning, cost management and finishing of the application process.

Travel Information

All prospective students are required to appear in Grenada in time to sign up in the Compulsory Alignment System which begins the Wednesday before the first day of sessions.

All candidates are required to have a present, legitimate ticket at the time of entrance. Based on your nationality and location, you may also need a visa to journey to or at various factors in your system of research.

Please keep in mind that immigration law rules are ever modifying and can be complicated. You should understand the common visa specifications for your whole system and keep up to date with changes as your success through the different stages of your system.

Visa for Entry to Grenada

Approved learners do not require a visa before journeying to Grenada. All learners must journey with these records easily accessible (on their person):

  • A valid passport
  • SGU letter of acceptance
  • SGU letter to the Immigration Officer
  • Copy of the letter from the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to American Airlines


Many learners use United states Airline carriers to San Juan, Puerto Rico with a linking everyday journey in Grenada. There is also an immediate support from Miami that may be used. United states provide reduced prices for St. George’s Individuals.


Is MCAT needed?
Learners educated in North America and all US people and long lasting residents are required to publish an MCAT score.

Where are the discussions conducted? Do I have to journey to Grenada for the interview?
Discussions are performed throughout the U.S, North America, and in many nations across the world. Learners may journey to Grenada for their meeting, and we motivate students to see the university and our features as this is one of the greatest choices of your life. Learners take benefit of our SGU system to check out Grenada and routine their discussions while there. Learners enthusiastic about the KBTGSP may be questioned in Newcastle, UK.

What is the application fee?
The program fee for the University of Medication is US $75 made due to University Assistance Services, LLC

To Contact St George’s University
St. George’s University
University Centre
Grenada, West Indies


Office of Admission
St. George’s University
c/o The North American Correspondent
University Support Services, LLC
3500 Sunrise Highway
Building 300
Great River, NY 11739

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