Texila American University

Region : Georgetown Country: Guyana

About Texila American University:

Texila American University is the Caribbean School of medicine. It is situated in Guyana, The university has a facility with technological classes. It provides electronic learning systems connected to the projector. We record all lessons and classes. Also it is connected to the internet with High-speed wireless. So that the students can evaluate any class, anywhere and at any time.

Accreditation of Texila American University:

Texila American University is detailed in World Health Organization (WHO) and in the Medical Schools’ directory. This has been integrated into the new Avicenna directories, an international listing of educational organizations for health careers

Texila American University is recognized by the United Nations Global Compact program.

TAU is registered in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED). It is a unique collection of international medical schools. It is identified by the appropriate government organization.

The International Association for Dental Research (IADR) also registers Texila American University. It improves oral health worldwide. IADR is located in Alexandria. It is a non-profit company with more than 11,000 associates around the world.

Texila American University is also accredited by GAME (Global Alliance for Medical Education), AMEE (Association For Medical Education), NAC (National Accreditation Council) of Guyana, IADL (International Association for Distance Learning), United Kingdom, SWAPP (Swiss Association of Pharmaceutical Professionals)

Financial Aid by Texila American University

Students are qualified to implement for academic loans. U.S. and Canada People as well as long lasting citizens are qualified to implement the loan program on their own. For this loan no guarantor is required. It is highly recommended to implement with a co-signer. TAU management facilitates a lot of students to get a loan. This will accomplish the financial aid process easier.


Texila American University TAU differentiates the quality in education, public interest, and offer services of the candidates. Texila American University has suggested a variety of full and partial grants. This will enable certified learners for each term. The grant will be given to a limited amount of students. Qualified learners are considered to implement earlier. The eligible approved learners are compelled to make implement for the present grants. The needed information is published on the website.

Lab facilities in Texila American University:

The school has prepared laboratories to get a practical based demonstration. There are different kind of labs for each case of study:

Histology and physiology labs:

The histology lab deals with the study of structure. It contains cells and tissues of species and plants. It is analyzed by a piece of tissue under an electron microscopic.

The school has a structure lab. This method is used to determine the actual function of the parts of the body. It includes body systems, cells and bio-molecules. These bring out the physical and chemical functions of a living system

2) Anatomy Museum
Anatomy is a division of biology and medicine. The anatomy museum has plenty of studying components. These are important for every student. Anatomy sessions take place in the museum. Then only the learners comprehend the concept creatively and theoretically..

3) Biochemistry & Genetics lab
Biochemistry labs have samples, tests, and other activities. A genetics laboratory offers with genetic process and research. Genetic information may be handled with information on actions, framework, or the progress of life.

4) Microbiology and Pathology lab
In the microbiology lab most of the examining, culturing, and analysis can take place. Microbiology laboratories should be fresh clean and sterile to perform.

Pathology laboratory contains automated instruments. Hematological research can be performed here. It contains hemoglobin content, complete leukocytes existing, the number of platelets, red blood vessels tissues and other things.

5) Pharmacology
The pharmacology lab contains all the equipment and creatures. The analysis is performed by the student. We can understand about the activity of living cells. By using this information we can use this for the therapy of various illnesses and disorders. This is from the technology of therapeutics.

Transfer Students:

Students may get moved from any healthcare educational institutions to TAU. Students may exchange at any term stage. The TAU Admissions Office provides transcripts to these students.

Hostel Facilities in Texila American University:

The TAU has its safe and properly secured hostel. These are available for sharing and individual occupancy types. It is based on the choice and the budget of the university student. The bedrooms are well equipped and air conditioned. The room has all features like refrigerator, laundry, phone, WIFI, etc.


Students are provided with a variety of foods including Indian, Chinese, English, and French Cuisines. Learners can also prepare their own meals to reduce the residing expenses. Halal Meals are also available for Islamic students.

Travel Info:

There are regular routes between Guyana and Cities of New York, Miami, Toronto & Ft Lauderdale. Also there are frequent flights from Barbados, Port of Spain in Trinidad to Guyana.

Many Worldwide Airlines are available from USA, Europe fly to Port of Spain and Barbados . These routes will arrive in Guyana. There is also immediate routes from Brazil, Trinidad & Tobago.

Clear the questions with your travel agency. If not Students can contact the admission offices for any clarifications on your journey path.

Visa Tips:

These are the specifications for access in Guyana :

  1. Students must publish their attested copies of passport and certificates.
  2. The Texila American University regularize VISA programs.
  3. The acceptance procedure in Guyana needs 30 days. If the learners are approved to have a study in Guyana, a VISA will be given to them at the international terminal in Guyana. An affiliate of the university will be at the terminal to get the students. At that time the students must produce an acceptance letter that is sent by the management before traveling to Guyana.
  4. Students who have the acceptance letter only be permitted in Guyana. Learners should bring all their records attested by the Department of Education and the Guyanese embassy. If the embassies do not exist, they can acquire the attestation from the UK embassy.


Guyana’s nation value is 592. This is followed by seven numbers. There is an Immediate calls from Guyana to any nation.

To Contact TAU:
Texila American University
Critchlow, Woolford Avenue
Georgetown, Guyana, South America.
Telephone: (+592) 2318118
Fax: (+592) 2318111
E-mail: info@tauedu.org

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