University of The West Indies

Country: Barbados

About University of the West Indies:

The University of the West Indies is situated at Cave Hill in Barbados, St. Augustine in Trinidad and Tobago and Mona in Jamaica. The total university student strength is roughly 24,321 is allocated amongst the courses of Law, Humanities & Education, Pure and Applied Sciences, Social Sciences and Medical Sciences at Cave Hill; Arts & Education, Medical Sciences, Social Sciences and Pure & Applied Sciences at Mona; and Agriculture & Natural Sciences, Engineering, Humanities & Education, Medical Sciences and Social Sciences at St. Augustine.

The Cave Hill campus is the main commercial center, which is five miles away. Despite its development in the later years, the university preserves much of its unique structure of simple, low level buildings.


The St. Augustine Campus of The UWI was awarded institutional accreditation by the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT) on 3rd May, 2011.
Those participating the function was advised that, not only has the University been approved, but The UWI St. Augustine University was provided institutional qualification for an interval of seven years, the highest possible time frame possible.

The assessment group finds The UWI St. Augustine School to be a model university among similar types of colleges which they had analyzed in the Caribbean said Mr. Michael Bradshaw, Ag. Executive Director of the ACTT.

Financial Aid by University of the West Indies:

Long Term Loans
These are financial loans for which no pay back is necessary UNTIL the maturation of the candidate’s graduating time frame. For most candidates, the predicted graduating time frame is July 30 in the third year after their admittance to the school.

Short Term Preston Loan

These are connecting loans and matures within three months after being given to the student. These loans are usually given when the candidate is anticipating charges from any source, but which will not appear on time. At this time, the loan will be given and will be paid back by the student upon the invoice of the charges they were expecting.

Qualification criteria:

The following are the common circumstances which must be met before a positive concern will be given to any system under the system of economic assistance:
The student must be a full-time undergraduate at the Mona Campus or a Jamaican national who is seeking a full-time undergraduate system in the Bahamas.

The candidate should be seeking at least Level 2 of their applications of research. Under unique conditions, applications will be regarded from first year learners and learners who already keep a first level.

The candidate must confirm that he/she is incapable to fulfill the servicing budget as recognized by the School. In the case of loans, candidates must illustrate their ability to pay back.

The applicant must confirm that they have worn out or been converted down for all other available resources of funding for factors not linked to non-payment of past loans.

The candidate should didn’t fail more than one course. In remarkable cases where it can be recognized that deficiency of resources has provided considerably for inadequate educational performance, some concern may be given.

The due time from date to implement for all prizes is MAY 31, 2012.
A Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 3.0 (B average) is predicted for scholarship. Some prizes may require a greater GPA.

The prizes are available to full-time undergraduate learners in the School of the Western Indies. The needed position as indicated for each phrase of the prize is as of the educational session.

You must finish (legibly in dark ink), one form. Please record the prizes for which you wish to be regarded to be able of choice. The finished application should be posted to the Office of Student Financing, UWI, Mona Campus.

Housing facilities in University of the West Indies:

Hall facilities are due in full at the start of the semester and become due from the time of occupancy. Therefore, individuals taking up long lasting or short-term property before the start of the phrase. There is Rules regulating occupancy on Area which are given to all citizens on admission to the Area. Failing to comply with such regulations may outcome in your elimination from the Area. During holiday times, learners who wish to stay in property may do so only with the authorization of the Undergraduate Services Administrator and will be needed to pay for such housing in enhance.

Travel Info:
Before visiting Jamaica, you should make sure that your passport is legitimate to protect at least the period up to the end of the educational year. You should also travel with evidence of your school student position (that is, a Student ID card) or if a new school student, with the formal Offer letter from the University. At the international terminal, you will be released a short-term prospective customer’s charge.

Peoples of CARICOM and citizens of Commonwealth Countries are accessed entry to Jamaica without having a student visa.

Citizens of other Countries must obtain a student visa to have an entry into Jamaica. Such individuals should create their ask for the nearest Jamaican Diplomatic Mission.

After a week, non-Jamaican students who are citizens of Commonwealth Nations are allowed to send to the Immigration Office to allow these learners to obtain allows.

If you are not a Jamaican, you should examine at the Worldwide Students Office to make sure that your name has been posted in the Immigration Office

Arrival in Kingston, Jamaica
Upon appearance and Immigration and Customs Clearance, continue to the quit where you will be met with a UWI Formal. On the occasion that you are not met, please get in touch with the Lodgings Officer or Ms Hermine Tyrell, International Students Office, who will arrange for you to be grabbed. An efficient cab run at the airport terminal, Jamaica Union of Travelers Association (JUTA), will take you straight to the University.

Arrival on Campus
You will be given a place on Hall, you will be transported directly from the airport to your Hall of Residence where you will be met by either the Student Service Manager or a Resident Advisor who will welcome and assist you in settling in.
If you appear outside of regular work hours (Monday through Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm), preparations will be created for you to be met on your Hall and given the key to your space. After you have resolved in, you are to review to the office of the Senior Assistant Registrar on campus


What type of medical care is available?
All learners are needed to buy our Blue Cross health insurance plan. For additional details, visit The UWI’s Health Centre provides primary health care by physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and dentists. The University Hospital is lying near to the campus as well.
How many learners are registered at UWI?
You will find roughly 15,000 complete learners at UWI, comprising all Caribbean areas and other nations. Of the complete college student, 73% are women, and 27% male.

What types of actions are there at the campus?
At UWI you can get involved in a wide range of activities. You will find a wealthy and different life in the UWI university. For more details please check out our web page at

Do you need on-campus learners to buy a food plan?
No. Currently the University located several food including KFC, Juicy patties, Cafe and others. Learners can purchase foods depending on their choice.

To Contact University of the West Indies

Office of the Campus Registrar
The University of the West Indies
Mona Campus
Kingston 7

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