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Barbados is believed that it is initially populated by Arawak Indians. At the same time European people settled the island, however, it was not populated. It was the English who first recognized a community there in 1627. Settlers first harvested cigarettes and pure cotton, but by the 1640s they had turned to sugar, which was substantially successful. Barbados was under the control of the Windward Islands. By Nov. 30, 1966 it became a democratic country in the Commonwealth.


It is 34 kilometers in length and up to 23 kilometers in width, covering an area of 431 square kilometers. Barbados is lying outside of the Atlantic hurricane belt.

Capital: Bridgetown

People & Culture:

Its origination starts from lower level area and gradually rising towards the highest point on Mt. Hillaby. Even though there is sufficient rainfall, there are no rivers, and water. So they must have to pump from other resources. 90% of the population is occupied by the Africans, 4% are by Europeans, and about 6% are settled by Asians. The English-speaking Barbadians are Protestant. These days Barbados is a sophisticated nation with a powerful personality of its own. It is flourishing and modern and still complete of natural appeal. The individuals are helpful, fun adoring and nature. Understand all about the individuals of Barbados, their way of life, and social interest.


The country usually an encounter two periods, one of which includes clearly higher rainfall operates from July to Nov. By contrast, the hot season prevails from Dec to May. The yearly rainfall varies between 40 inches and 90 inches. From Dec to May the normal temperature ranges from 21 to 31 °C, while between July and Nov 23 to 31 °C. Barbados weather is usually warm all year. In day time, the temperature is 75 – 85 F. The night time is usually a bit chilly. The prevailing northeast trade winds blow steadily so it is not unbearably hot.

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