University of Health Sciences Antigua

Country: Antigua and Barbuda

University of Health Sciences Antigua

The University of Health Sciences Antigua (UHSA) located in Dowhill, Piccadilly Antigua is an excellent educational organization dedicated to teaching doctors, the medical staff, postgraduates and scientists. Using the highest professional requirements who will include scientists, biomedical knowledge to promote well-being of patients and the public.

University of Health Sciences Antigua is educating doctors and professionals who will address national and international challenges in medicine with an emphasis on primary care and be known for excellence in practice, service, sympathy, collegiality indicating the level of sensitivity to the social environments in which medical care is delivered.

At the University of Health Sciences Antigua we are looking for men and ladies who are dedicated to the objective of making a good participation in medical care. Do you want to be part of this trip to arrive at this goal? We encourage you to proceed your pursuit and discover all that UHSA has to provide.


University of Health Sciences Antigua focuses on the following goals:

  1. Training excellent physicians and medical care workers who will provide medical care services nationwide and worldwide.
  2. Encouraging the medical institutions of the nationwide group as well as the international group by focusing primary care, public health projects and group based medicine.
  3. Choosing learners from various social qualification in order to provide a different university community and rich chance to learn.

Learners are required to master the fundamental principles and concepts to obtain sufficient experience and knowledge to be made in the practice of medicine. We believe that the training and learning at University of Health Sciences Antigua provides the constantly growing body of medical technology and makes students for a lifetime of qualified and careful communications with sufferers at a time of fast change in technology and social needs.

Student organization In University of Health Sciences Antigua:
The function of a Student organization at the University of Health Sciences School of Medicine is to create a connection between the organization and the group. By this organization, learners will have the opportunity to create management and authority skills.


The American Medical Undergraduate Company (AMSA) is the earliest and biggest separate association of physicians in the United States. The objective of this organization is:

  1. To offer an atmosphere that facilitates the suggestions of physicians-in-training
  2. To market, motivate and maintain a natural relationship with the university student body, staff and management of the University
  3. To provide as a community for the conversation about health issues
  4. To effect change in the medical care education
  5. To sustain its position as a separate organization
  6. To sustain its main identification as a company for physicians-in-training
  7. To market a sustain application which improves the quality of medical care in the community
  8. To be economically separate and sustain a constant economical base To be economically separate and sustain a constant economical base
  9. To continue to develop medical care authority.

Financial Aid by University of Health Sciences Antigua:
If the students get appointments for University of Health Sciences Antigua, then they may have financial aid. For that they must get in touch with the financial officer to be able to talk about and develop an economical plan. Our officers are available to provide information and make a operating plan in order for you to know how much money you will need during your medical knowledge. This process will also consist of techniques for cost control, managing debt, and keeping economical health.

University of Health Sciences Antigua Student Loan Program

The University of Health Sciences Antigua is thrilled to declare that medical learners, both inbound and matriculated learners, qualify for a new education loan program. Currently, Nurses are not qualified.

The credit-based loan system is available to U.S. learners. Worldwide learners are also qualified but must have a U.S. co-signer. The system protects educational costs, housing costs throughout the entire medical system. Payback is postponed until after graduating. As an approved student, the application link will be provided and you will be recommended accordingly.

For prospected students

Obtain a copy of your credit score rating. Please note that a credit score file FICO ranking of at least 650 is required otherwise a co-signer will be necessary.

Housing facilities University of Health Sciences Antigua:

A number of bedrooms are available on-campus for learners. The on-campus housing is a compact with primary features that will allow a single student to research and sleep.

The housing is not designed for partners or for single learners with resort type objectives in individual bedrooms.

For any student wanting to live off school (hotel, residence, Apartments, etc.), University of Health Sciences Antigua housing department will be happy to assist in suggesting housing close to the University. A list of appropriate resorts in the community is modified each educational period.

The dormitories on university can provide two learners. The bedrooms are prepared with a kitchen area (refrigerator, drain and microwave), private bathing room, and terrace. Washing laundry features are ideally situated. A cleaning service is provided twice a week absolutely free. Students should bring their own bed linens and toiletries such as rest room tissue.

Power is both 120 and 220 v. University protection is available 24 times a day.

Travel Info
Prior to your appearance in Antigua, it is crucial that the necessary certification for visiting Antigua is required. All learners are required to have a passport when visiting Antigua. The government of Antigua further needs that all guests who are neither citizens nor legal people of Antigua/Barbuda,must have a return airline ticket.

Students that are citizens of the United States of America are only required to have a passport, a visa is not necessary. Learners that are people of the U. S. Are only needed to have a passport, a visa is not necessary. For more details on ticket & visa specifications, and a finish record of nations that do not need a visa for access into Antigua & Barbuda.

Contacting the U.K. is simple from Antigua and Barbuda. Most resorts provide a U.K. Immediate is calling support, or can link you with a U.K. operator for calling the house.

Antigua & Barbuda has a room tax of 8.5% and fee of 10%.

Part of the isle is 110 v, the rest is 220 v. Most resorts have both currents available. The connector used is the conventional United states flat pin.

Time Zone:
Atlantic Standard Time, GMT -4.

The formal currency is the Southern Caribbean money which is set to the US dollar. Major bank cards are welcome everywhere.

Antigua and Barbuda Investment Bank, Antigua Commercial Bank, Bank of Antigua, Bank of Nova Scotia, Barclays Bank PLC, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Caribbean Corporation Bank, Royal Bank of Canada. Banking hours are Monday through Thursday from 8:00am to 1:00pm and again from 3:00pm to 5:00pm; Friday from 8:00am to 12:00pm, and 3:00pm to 5:00pm.


How long will I be in Antigua?
For the Medical Physician , you will be in Antigua for the first 2 years, finishing the Primary Sciences part of this method.
For the M.D Program, the first 4 several weeks of each trimester of the Primary Sciences section (first 5 trimesters) is spent in Antigua.

Does the UHSA Medical System fulfill the requirements for Licensure since different declares have different requirements for licensure?
Yes. Our organization understands of all the State Licensing Board requirements. Our program is developed in maintaining with the suggestions of the Council on Medical Education of the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME).

Where will I perform the Clinical Sciences (rotations)?
The Scientific Sciences can be performed within the U.S , Puerto Rico, and London, UK. University of Health Sciences has various associated medical centers in these places and is regularly growing. Please check out the Medical center Organization’s web site for a modified list.

To Contact University of Health Sciences Antigua:
UHSA Campus

University of Health Sciences Antigua
School of Medicine
Dowhill Campus, Piccadilly, Box 510
St John’s, Antigua

Administrative Office
University of Health Sciences Antigua C/O IMSS
District View Plaza, Ste 301
644 Ave. Fernadez Juncos, Miramar
San Juan, P.R. 00907-3122

Marketing and Recruitment Office
University of Health Sciences Antigua
900 W. Jackson Blvd.
Suite 7 East
Chicago, Illinois 60607

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