All American Institute of Medical Sciences

Country: Jamaica

About All American Institute of Medical Sciences:

The framework and government of the AAIMS are controlled by its Charter and Laws. The government and control are performed through a framework of committees and authorities. The School functions under a bicameral system of government, including a governing body.


All American Institute of Medical Sciences (AAIMS) has been qualified by all major worldwide Top Ranked Medical Schools in the Caribbean accrediting bodies and regulators. Students can be confident that their credentials will be approved worldwide.

Are Caribbean Medical Schools ICME Accredited? AAIMS has been provided a preliminary provisional qualification position by the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and Other Health Professions, the accrediting body system for M.D. Level programs in the Caribbean Community.

AAIMS is listed in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED). Learners and students of AAIMS are qualified to sit for USMLE, in satisfaction of the ECFMG Qualifications specifications for implementing into the USA residence programs.

AAIMS is listed in World Health Organization/AVICENNA Global Directories of Education Institutions for Health Professions. The AVICENNA Directories is a publicly accessible data source of educational institutions and academic professionals in health. In medical schools, this changes the World Directory of Medical Schools published by WHO since 1953.

AAIMS IMED record is identified by the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) for certification and qualifications of healthcare licensure in Canada. Graduates of

AAIMS are qualified to sit for the Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination (MCCEE) and the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examinations

Housing Facilities in All American Institute of Medical Sciences:

The housing on University will be offered with basic furniture in each room: a bed, desk, chair, and a clothes closet. There is a public living space and a completely prepared kitchen. You will need bed sheets and pillowcases, shower, toiletries and cooking utensils.

Learners should indicate their real estate needs when posting their programs.

Financial Aid by All American Institute of Medical Sciences

Learners are qualified to apply for personal academic loans from various personal loan creditors. U.S. Citizens and permanent residents are qualified to implement independently provided they are credit score deserving (no co-signer). It is strongly suggested to implement with a co-signer. AAIMS management is dedicated to offer all the possible help from our end to accomplish the procedure for you.


All American Institute of Medical Science (AAIMS) identifies the educational quality, community, and volunteer service(s) of our candidates. We have established a number of full and partially grants to qualified students for each term. Grant requirements are competitive and financing is limited; eligible learners are motivated to implement in regular basis for review. Candidates and accepted learners are welcome to implement for available scholarships published on our University website.

PLEASE NOTE: Grant applications are only available to first-year students.

Travel Info:

Before coming to Jamaica, you should make sure that your passport is legitimate to protect at least the interval up to the end of the educational year. You should also journey with evidence of student identity card or if a new student, with the formal Page from the School. At the international terminal, you will be released a short-term Prospective customer’s visa.

During the first week of the Term, a record of all Jamaican and non-Jamaican learners, who are citizen of Common Wealth Nation, will be sent to the

Immigration law Workplace to allow these learners to acquire permits.

If you are not a Jamaican, you must examine at the Student offices to make sure that your name has been posted to the Immigration law Workplace.

People of non-Commonwealth Nations must obtain a Student visa prior to access into Jamaica. Such individuals must make their queries at the closest Jamaican

Diplomatic Mission or Consulate. Passports will be posted by the University to the Immigration Office where they will be recommended and came back with the note “Student”.


I am missing some MD prerequisites. Will I still be accepted into the MD program?
Each application is analyzed by the Acceptance Panel on a situation by situation basis; if the Panel believes inadequacy in your prior knowledge, you must meet those conditions. Students will have the option of finishing these conditions at their current institution or by attending Pre Media programs at AAIMS.

Is there a recommended undergraduate degree?
AAIMS allows learners from a variety of background scenes. Although we do not need a specific major, we do need all technology conditions, as well as group work in the medical industry to be finished before acceptance.

To Contact AAIMS:
Jamaica Campus:
66 High Street
Black River
Jamaica, West Indies

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