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Before the Columbian times Jamaica was populated around 60,000 Arawak Indians. In 1494 Captain Christopher Columbus “discovered” the island and stated it for The Spain. In 1517 Africans first delivered to Jamaica by the Spaniards. The English came in 1655, beaten the Spaniards and stated the island of Britain. By the last Seventeenth and early Eighteenth centuries the island was almost separated. The slaves populated and proved helpful in the seaside flat lands. More than 300 years later Jamaica became a separate sovereign state on Aug 6, 1962, and a participant of the common wealth Nations


Jamaica is the third biggest of the Caribbean countries and best medical schools in Caribbean islands and is the biggest English-speaking Island in the Caribbean Sea. It is located 90 kilometers south of Cuba, 600 kilometers south of Florida and 100 kilometers south-west of Haiti.

Capital: Kingston

People & Culture:

It is approximated that nearly 750,000 captive individuals were delivered to Barbados between 1655 and 1807 and about 200,000 were then sent to the Spanish islands. The slaves came mostly from the Gold coast (now Ghana) and Biafra (now mainly Nigeria). Moreover, much immigration came from elsewhere. After the abolition of captivity in 1834, employees were introduced in from other nations as Jamaica seemed for other earnings besides sugar cane.


The average yearly temperature is 82°, but desires temperatures to be warmer during midday hours (and feel much warmer because of moist levels). Luckily, the island is endowed with northeasterly trade gusts of wind that keep you from extreme no matter what the season.


After liberation, the country provided a sum of money to identify Primary Educational institutions, now known as All Age Educational institutions. Most of these schools were recognized by the churches. This was the genesis of the contemporary Jamaican school system. Furthermore, there are many group and instructor training institutions. Knowledge is free from the beginning child years to secondary levels

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