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De Leon first found these less populated destinations in 1512. Residents declare that the destinations were first viewed by Christopher Columbus in 1492. For several hundreds of years the destinations altered between the France, Portugal and English. They stayed almost uninhabited until 1678, when they were resolved by a group of Bermudians who started to draw out sodium chloride and wood. Loyalists established pure cotton farms after the American Trend. But this continued for few years. By 1820 the pure cotton plants had unsuccessful and the majority of plant containers shifted on.
The destinations became an official aspect of the Bahamas in 1799. In 1848 the islanders were provided individual position. From 1872 until 1962 the destinations were aspect of Jamaica. In 1959 Manager of Turks and Caicos Islands was hired. From 1965 until 1973 the Governor of the Bahamas was also the Governor of Turks and Caicos. Since 1973 the destinations have had a Governor in their own right.


The Turks and Caicos Islands lie South east of Mayaguana in the Bahamas isle and northern of the Hispaniola, is located on Grand Turk Island around 1,042 kms. They have a complete area of 430 kms.

Capital: Grand Turk

People & Culture:

The British inhabitants of 19,500 is spread over the eight main islands, the local individuals are from Africa who were initially introduced to develop pure cotton on the isle of Providenciales. The residents are kind and helpful and are also very spiritual. The individuals of the Turks and Caicos islands have a very comfortable mind-set that allows to make an ideal atmosphere. The unique inhabitants of the Turks and Caicos islands were Lucyans, who were existing throughout the north Caribbean until 1500. De León, is the first commonly approved traveler to find the Turks and Caicos islands, although some contemporary researchers believe it was Captain Christopher Columbus.


Around 230 kilometers there are white seashores, where we can find coral reefs which drop in the amazingly blue ocean. There is a sunshine of about 350 days a year, Turks and Caicos islands is a wonderful list of 45 destinations and cays, of which only eight of these are populated.

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Texila American University

St Matthews University School of Medicine

St George’s University

Trinity School of Medicine