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Haiti is in the western part, which was an essential place in the Seventeenth century. This was completely under the control of Spaniards and France. In 1804 the African slaves recognized freedom from France, and relabeled the area as Haiti, it became the early dark republic. The people who settled in Haiti are Africans comprised about 95%.

In 1934 Haiti obtained sovereign concept from US army. These days Haiti is one of the backward nations in the economy of the Western Hemisphere; the reason behind that was nation has been affected by governmental assault for most of its record. The army concept led to end in 1990 when Jean-Bertrand was chosen as President. On Feb 29, 2004 Aristide posted his resignation as President of Haiti


Haiti is a Caribbean nation. It uses up the western part of the island called Hispaniola, The nation’s maximum point is Pic la Selle, at 2,680 meters. The area covered by Haiti is 27,750 sq km. Creole and French are declared as the formal languages

The island has had a history of dangerous quakes. A 7.0 scale earthquake hit Haiti on 12 Jan 2010. The highest reliable loss of life depend was approximated at 220,000

Capital: Port-au-Prince


In 1925, Haiti was lavish, with 60% of its unique woodlands protecting the areas and hilly areas. Since then, Haiti’s citizens have cut down an approximated 98% of its unique woodlands for use of fuel. Moreover to soil depredation took place; deforestation has triggered regular flooding, as seen on Sept 2004. Previously that year in May, flooding had murdered over 3,000 people on Haiti’s

People & Culture:

Haitian culture is an assortment of primarily France and Africa. The nation’s traditions basically are a blend of social values. Haiti is well-known for its unique art, especially the artwork and statue. The music of Haiti is affected mostly by European


The best a chance to go is November-March, when day temperature ranges from 23-32 C and nighttime are in 15-27 C. The rainy season is from May-July, it usually takes only one or two hours. Storm period is July-October. In The hill areas the temperature is always about 10 C. Take a jacket no issue when you go: Nights can be awesome even cooler in the hill places.

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