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The British Virgin Islands were first occupied by the Arawak from South America. The Arawak settled until the 15th century. Later the Dutch established a permanent settlement on the island of Tortola. After that English captured the island from the Dutch. This was repeatedly continued by the Dutch and the English. Since the 1960s, they stay away from their farming system towards travel and economic services.

The formal name of the Area is the “Virgin Islands”, but the prefix “British” is often used to differentiate it from the nearby United States territory. The British Virgin Islands involve the islands of Tortola to Jost Van Dyke. Nearly 16 of the islands are explored. The largest island is Road Town which is situated on Tortola; the islands have inhabitants of about 27,800, of whom roughly 23,000 stay on Tortola.


The British Virgin Islands consist of around sixty exotic Caribbean islands, ranging in size from the biggest, Tortola 20 km to tiny inhabited islands. The Atlantic Ocean lies to the north and the Caribbean Sea lies to the south of the British Virgin Islands. Beware that few of the islands are volcanic which have a craggy topography.

Capital: Road Town, Tortola

People & Culture:

British Virgin Islands lifestyle shows the various individuals that have populated the present-day U.S. Virgin islands and English Virgin islanders throughout history. Although the areas are politically individual, they maintain close social connections.


The British Virgin Islands have a tropical climate. Rainfall is somewhat low for some islands and the period can be divided into a wet and a dry period according to rainfall levels. Since the position of the islands is near to oceans they are susceptible to hurricanes.
There is little difference in temperature across the year; it is usually around 30°C and at night it is up to 20. These temperature variations are cleared by chilling northeast winds. The sea is always suitable for diving and swimming.

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