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During the Seventeenth century, the United States Virgin Islands was separated into two territorial models, one British and the other Danish. Sugarcane, created by the slaves, forced the islands’ economic system during the Eighteenth and beginning Nineteenth centuries. In 1917, the US overcomes the Danish section, which had been under lower economic level since there was the abolition of captivity in 1848.
Today travel and leisure is the main business activities, which leads 80% of GDP and career. The United States Virgin Islands normally have two million guests a season, many of whom check out on vacation ships.


The United States Virgin Islands are in the southern Caribbean, just 1100 kilometers South east of Miami. The total area of the island is 133.73 km2. As of the year 2010 demographics the inhabitants were 106,405 mostly consisting of those of Afro-Caribbean nice.

Capital: Charlotte Amalie

People & Culture:

The inhabitants of the United States Virgin Islands is mostly made up of Caribbean individuals whose forefathers were Africans and European individuals. You will find individuals from the Caribbean as well as People in America, Eurpean and Hispanics. British is the main language in the United States Virgin Islands and the majority of the inhabitants talk, create and read in English only. Some citizens talk quickly and this feature making it obscure. Emigrants from other islands have introduced other dialects to the Virgin islands. Music in the Virgin islands is definitely Caribbean. Virgin Islanders are spiritual individuals. Popular in belief systems include Baptist and Catholic.


The temperature ranges 78°F during the cold months (December through March) and 83°F in summer (June through August). Easterly trade winds keep the island moisture lower than on any other Caribbean islands. The rainiest months are Aug through November; the hurricane is in Aug and Sept.

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