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Territorial conflicts between the UK and Guatemala, makes the freedom of Belize very late until 1981. Guatemala rejected to identify the new country until 1992. Belize is a parliamentary democracy and therefore it is the participants of a member of the Commonwealth Nations. The framework of government is depending on the English parliamentary program. Belize is a complete participant in the Caribbean Community


Belize is a nation situated on the north east of Central America and it is the only nation in which English is the official language, although Creole and Spanish terminology are mostly used. Belize is covered in north by Mexico, southwest of Guatemala, and the east by the Caribbean Sea. The total area it covers up to 290 kilometers long and 110 kilometers wide.

Capital: Belmopan

People & Culture:

In Belize, the individuals have many traditions that signify more than eight different societies. For years, the individuals of Belize have confirmed a social dedication to protect the nation’s natural wealth. This battle promise of the land, the ocean motivates all to achieve a genuine and romantic connection to a variety of experiences.


Belize has an exotic environment with wet and dry periods, although there are some changes in weather. Temperature ranges according to the land level, and by the effects of the northeast trade wind. Regular temperatures in the seaside areas range from 24°C in Jan to 27°C in September. Temperature is higher in the inner areas, except for the Southeast highland where it is clearly chilly year long. Overall, the periods are noticeable by variations in moisture and rainfall. Average rain fall differs significantly from 1,350 mm in the north to over 4,500 mm in the excessive south.

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