Saint James School of Medicine

Country: Anguilla

About Saint James School of Medicine:

Saint James School of Medicine is an approved Caribbean Medical Schools providing an affordable health care education to the students everywhere in the world.

Providing two programs. They are :

  • Pre-medical program
  • MD program

The program of study at Saint James makes the students for the United States Medical Licensure Examination (USMLE). As the demand for certified doctors escalates; medical institutions restrict the number of learners and the fees of medical education slightly increases. But Saint James School of Medicine satisfies an important need in the community.


Saint James School of Medicine is recognized by a variety of agencies, organizations, and government authorities. As a result, learners and graduate students are qualified for residence training and licensure in the U.S. and Canada. The program at Saint James School has been designed to prepare learners for the the United States Medical Licensure Examination (USMLE). By finishing the MD program at the Saint James School of Medicine, learners are qualified to become a doctor’s of U.S Or Canada.
Saint James School of Medicine is detailed in World Health Organization (WHO) and in the Medical Schools’ directory . This has been integrated into the new Avicenna directories, an international listing of educational organizations for health careers.

Saint James School of Medicine is also to be found in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED) for the Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER).

It has provided approval to the learners of Saint James School of Medicine to be present at the USMLE and implement for ECFMG certification, which is required for access into a residence program in the U. S.

The Medical Council of Canada (MCC) has provided authorization to the learners of Saint James School of Medicine to sit for all determining exams required to acquire a certificate to exercise medicine in Canada.

The Health Professions department of the Israeli Ministry has approved authorization to the students of Saint James School of Medicine to appear for all determining exams to acquire permits in Israel.

Student Organization in Saint James School of Medicine:

The goal of the SGA is to market self-reformation, to handle student issues united with the college administration, to keep up sensible relations with the island and therefore the Government of Anguilla, similarly organize recreational activities. Every semester, the student elects a president, vice chairman, secretary and financial officer. The SGA sponsors student events just like the welcome party for the new students and health related programs to the island community. The officers meet often with the school of medicine administration to debate any student considerations and problems.

The American Medical Students Association (AMSA) is the oldest and largest freelance association of physicians-in-training within the u. s.. AMSA may be a student-governed, representing the concerned physicians in training. This group contains a person of 67,000 MD and premedical students, and active physicians from across the country, AMSA continue its goal to improve country’s health. At AMSA, policy may be a means of life. After you are a part of AMSA, you become a part of a significant force of future physicians United Nations agency believe that patients and health professionals area unit partners within the management which provides quality health care. Student idealism is reworked into purposeful public service.

This club allows students to be included in several of the activities Anguilla is thought of Students will attempt their talents at diving, snorkeling, soaring, yachting and lots of a lot of.

Financial Aid by Saint James School of Medicine:

Student Loans
SJSM has come into an appointment with Delta monetary Solutions to supply qualified students with help consistent to a personal student loan program.

US Residents:
Applications will be analyzed depending on a variety of aspects, which may modify over time, which may change over time, such as the credit of the student and the cosigner (a cosigner is required for all loans), and the past educational status of the student.

The loans being provided by Delta should be considered seriously and which must be returned. A co-signer is required on all private student education loans provided by Delta and the co-signer will also assume full responsibility for payment of such loans.

Students at Saint James School of Medicine do not currently qualify for U.S. federal education loans. Students may become qualified only if students should properly consider the comparative benefits of those financial loans.

Students should properly assess their own financial circumstances and consider all other options, such as benefits or family support, before applying to Delta for an education loan or recognizing any such financial loans.


As mentioned, once submitting asking for an application and consent forms, Saint James School of Medicine, the finance Department will deliver you and your co-signer an application. An invoice for a non-refundable $50 application fee are going to be sent to you VIA Email . The student and also the cosigner should then complete and submit the applying and also the Consent Forms before the date, in addition. The undergraduate and the co-signer must then finish and publish the Application forms before the due time, as well as published a transaction for the non-refundable $50 application fee. This must be compensated for the online through a link that will be offered to you in the E-mail.

If the proper application is made, Delta will inform as about the acceptance or denial of our applications. If the Program was to be accepted, the student would need to perform and submit the complete records. At various factors in the applying and the acceptance process, the student and co-signer would also be offered with specific reports about the costs and charges associated with the Delta private loans and would have a probability to reevaluate whether they would like to continue with the loan.

At all periods Saint James School of Medicine’s Fund Division will be satisfied with response any concerns that you may contact to admission office.

Canadian Students:

Students credit score is available for qualified students who are citizens and residents of Canada. Professional student credit score offers up to CAN $150,000 and have easy application procedures.
Royal Bank of Canada: To discuss to a credit professional visit Royal Bank of Canada
Bank of Montreal: Contact Simmy Kahlon, Financial Specialist.

Housing Facilities in Saint James School of Medicine:

Most flats are situated ten or twenty yards from the university. Based on accessibility, both equipped and unfurnished flats are available. Washing laundry features are situated within the residence buildings. The rent varies from about $700 to $1,500 per month. Furnished flats include furniture, sheets, shower, air conditioner. Renters are responsible for power, telephone, cooking gas, and TV charges.

Housing close to university will give you an opportunity to meet classmates, become familiar with the community, and you can form study groups that may lead to future roommates. Mobile phones, Online, and wire TV services are easily accessible. A down payment is required for standard mobile telephone service and for the internet.

Leisure Activities in Saint James School of Medicine:

Biking, climbing, riding, snorkeling and diving. Sites that include: salt lakes, swamp lands, fowl sanctuaries, and a small forest situated on the northern side of the island.
This is a home to a number of programs and tennis legal courts.

Travel Info:

Anguilla is provided by Wall lake Terminal. They get connected to various Caribbean destinations, but there are no immediate routes to or from the US, Canada, or European countries. Significant airline has routes to San Juan, Puerto Rico or St. Maarten where you can take a linking journey to Anguilla. Frequent ferry boats also connect Anguilla and St. Maarten, with a journey duration of about 20 minutes.

English is the formal language. The most typical terminology other than Conventional English is the English-Creole terminology. It is referred regionally as “dialect”, or “Anguillan”.

Customs and immigration:
Visitors need a legal passport along with a round-trip ticket for easy access.

The currency is the Southern Caribbean Dollar. Major credit cards are commonly approved. ATM devices distribute both local and US dollars. The exchange rate is set at US $1 = EC $2.68.

Bank Timings: Monday to Thursday, 8:00 am – 3:00 pm, Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Which records are needed when posting an application?

A finished program form; formal transcripts saving all course work up to date; two recommendations (at least 1 academic); a modified resume; a $75 program fee and an individual article describing the student’s factors for seeking to be a doctor.

Do you take transfer students from other healthcare schools?
Yes. Caribbean medical schools that accept transfers. however, each application is analyzed on a situation-by-situation basis. In general, the university student must be shifting from an approved university of medicine. These transfer students are motivated to include a duplicate copy of the university program to assist in identifying qualifications for transfer.

When are the work deadlines for applications?
Work deadlines can differ from season to season. Estimated deadlines are:
Spring semester: November 1st
Summer semester: March 1st
Fall semester: July 1st

Does the university take non United states or Canada students?
The St. Wayne School of Medicine only allows students who are US people or long lasting citizens or Canadian people. This guarantees that all our graduate students can be present in the US or Canada medical centers.

To Contact Saint James School of Medicine:
In the United States
Mailing Address:
Saint James School of Medicine
C/o Human Resource Development Services ( HRDS) Inc.
1480 Renaissance Dr, Suite 300
Park Ridge,
IL 60068

In Anguilla
Saint James School of Medicine
Albert Lake Drive,
The Quarter
A-1 2640

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