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Texila American University
Region : Georgetown Country : Guyana

About Texila American University:Texila American University is the Caribbean School of medicine. It is situated in Guyana, The university has a facility with technological classes. It provides electronic learning systems connected to ...

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Saint James School of Medicine
Country : Anguilla

About Saint James School of Medicine: Saint James School of Medicine is an approved Caribbean school of medicine providing an affordable health care education to the students everywhere in the world. Providing two programs. They are :...

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St Matthews University School of Medicine
Country : Cayman Islands

About St. Matthew's University School of Medicine:St. Matthew's University School of Medicine focused on the success of our students providing quality education. Our faculty and staff are as committed to your dreams. We have small siz...

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St George's University
Country : Grenada

About St George's University:St George's University established as a separate School of Medicine in 1976. St George's University has progressed into a center of worldwide knowledge, illustrating learners and staff from 140 nations to ...

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Spartan Health Sciences University
Country : Saint Lucia

About Spartan Health Sciences University:The Spartan Health Sciences University, School of Medicine provides entry to a remarkable academic experience, which will get prepared our students to think practically; our students exercise ...

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Region : New York Country : USA

More than 35 Years of SGU Higher Learning on the Island of Grenada.Founded as AN freelance college of medication in 1976, St. George's University has evolved into a prime center of international education, drawing students and school...

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Texila American Univ...
Region : Georgetown
Country : Guyana
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University of Medici...

Country : Saint Kitts and Nevis
About University of Medicine and Health Sciences:U... [+] Readmore...
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