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Grenada was first spotted by European individuals in 1498 during the third journey of Christopher Columbus. The individuals who resided there are known as Camahogne. The British were unsuccessful to explore their settlement in 1609.

They got independence in 1974 under the effort of the Premier. Grenada was taken by Marxist army authorities on 19 Oct 1983. After Six days the island was penetrated by the US and by other six Caribbean countries, which easily taken the ringleaders and their thousands of Cuban experts.
The island Grenada is the biggest island in the Grenadines; smaller destinations are Carriacou, Petit. Most of the inhabitants live in Grenada. The destinations are of volcanic with extremely soil content. Storm Janet stroked Grenada on Sept 1955, with gusts of wind of 185 km/h, resulting in serious damage. Grenada belongs to the Windward Islands. It is a self-governing island in the West Indies
Capital: Saint George's
People & Culture:
The inhabitants of Grenada are comprised with:
テつキ The Shades of black who created its source of the African slaves.
テつキ East Indians people
テつキ The Laborers who settled here are freed slaves.
テつキ The French and British people.
テつキ North Americans who migrated.
テつキ English is the common language, while one may still come across a kind of patois terminology used by the villagers. The successful belief systems of the place are: Roman Catholics
テ「竄ャツ「 Christian variations like Anglicans, Methodists, and Seventh-day Adventists.
They have a yearly event famous in the town of Tivoli, which has drawn several guests. It is only during the months of September and Aug. Grenada and Carriacou, encounters three primary festivities like:
テつキ The Carriacou Regatta,
テつキ The Rainbow City Festival,
テつキ The Grenada Carnival.
These three celebrations balances to each other instead of reveals, competitions, contests.
The grenade is known for its excellent seasons which make the people more comfort. But still this is affected by the winds from the sea and the gusts of wind from the east part of the region.
テ「竄ャツ「 Jan to May is regarded as the nation's Dry Period.
テ「竄ャツ「 July to Dec is known as the Stormy Period.
The place encounters sufficient quantity of rainfall except Salines region. This rainfall fall may vary from 60 inches in (coastal regions) to 150 in (hilly area). Nov gets a great deal of rainfall within the region.

St George's University

Country : Grenada


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