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Christopher Columbus first spotted the Cayman Islands in 1503 during his 4th and last journey to the World. He coined the Cayman Islands as there are huge amounts of turtles he discover out there. The Cayman Islands stayed mostly not inhabited until the Seventeenth century. As there is no historical proof of a natural person in the islands
The Cayman Islands were under the control of British only after the declaration of Jamaica independence in 1962. During 1972 the Cayman Islands became the independent and keep sufficient in their earnings. They get an affordable profit through Tourism and banking by keeping aside their traditional trades of fishing, hunting and shipbuilding. More than 9,000 common funds, 260 financial institutions and 80,000 companies function through the islands. The industry has come under analysis and the government has made tighter financial control to prevent cheating.
Capital: George Town
People & Culture:
The impacts on the lifestyle of the Cayman Islands come from the UK and North America. In complete, there are roughly 113 nationalities on these three islands which cover the country. The individuals of the Cayman Islands include 52,000 individuals, propagate throughout the island with the majority of the individuals found on Grand Cayman itself. Approximately 20,000 are native, with the rest of the citizens coming somewhere in the world.
The Cayman Islands experience a tropical climate, with a wet period May to Oct and a dry period (November to Apr. A significant organic treat is the exotic cyclones that type during July to Nov. On Sept 2004, shocking is that hurricane named Ivan hit the Cayman Islands. The storm led to two fatalities, and triggered great harm to the nature of the islands
Wear cool clothing for your trip to the Cayman Islands. Summer season temperatures peak in September and Aug with daytime temperature of 80’s to 1990's and in the evening hours it ranges from 80. A favorite time to check out Cayman is Dec through end of Apr. Rainfall is generally periodic, from May to Nov. Rainfall can be heavy during stormy season which will clear up quickly

St Matthews University School of Medicine

Country : Cayman Islands


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