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Dependency on oil has made the country to world raw costs, whose drop during the 1980’s and beginning 90’s led to the build-up of a large international debt, extensive lack of employment and work anxiety.
Trinidad and Tobago plays a significant trans-shipment factor for drugs compared to other countries. This has blocked up the legal courts and has driven an increased killing and much of the data crime that is reputed to the island of cops. It also intends the travel and leisure market.
In reaction, the government reintroduced capital penalties in 1999, despite strong worldwide pressure. Trinidad and Tobago serves the Caribbean justice, which was designed to substitute final court of attraction. The government had been seen the rapid loss of life phrases. Sighted by the traveler Captain Christopher Columbus in 1498, Trinidad was resolved by the Spanish before being taken by England in 1797. A sequence of Western abilities sets claims to Tobago.


The country encloses a land of 5,128 km2 and includes two primary destinations, Trinidad and Tobago, and numerous smaller landforms. Trinidad is the larger and more populated primary destinations, including about 94% of the complete place and 96% of the people residing there. The country can be found outside the storm buckle.

Capital: Port of Spain

People & Culture:

Trinidad and Tobago’s people are mainly of Africa or Eastern Native Indian. Mostly they speak British English. Minor of the population also talks Hindi, France patois, and other mixed languages. Trinidad has two major social traditions: Creole and East Indian. Their lifestyle came to the island with indentured servants brought to fill a labor lack created by the emancipation of the Africa slaves in 1833. Most stayed on the land and still controlled the farming industry, but many have become popular in business and careers. Eastern Indians maintain many customs, such as the Hindu and Islamic spiritual celebrations. Trinidad and Tobago lifestyle is known for its functions, music and bands. These are popular throughout the world. This was first presented in Trinidad and Tobago. Their language is an assortment of African languages besides coining some terms from other dialects.
Trinidad and Tobago culture also involves terminology, art, food, society, belief. The island is an assortment of various ‘languages’. The Trinidad and Tobago terminology has terms of African source. There are some terms obtained from Spanish, France and Amerindian Languages. Hindi terms are also very much a part of the Trinidad and Tobago terminology.


The destinations enjoy an exotic environment with maximum temperature ranges of 89°F. Tobago’s temperature is chilly, due to the more continuous northeastern trade wind. There is a dry period between Jan and May and a wet period from July to Dec. Yearly rainfall is about 40 inches wide over most of the country. Trinidad and Tobago can be found just south of the storm buckle.

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